FASS Security Officers vigilantly protect the human, intellectual and physical assets of our customers and their visitors.

True Security is characterized by incident reduction and appropriate response to unavoidable events. Our elite force of officers extends reliable, effective, and  courteous protection across a variety of client industries, including:
  • Manufacturing
  • Corporate headquaters and campuses
  • Commercial
  • High-rise office buildings
  • Distribution
  • Healthcare
  • Research and Development
  • High Tech
  • Clean Rooms
  • Financial Institutions
  • Petrochemical
  • Utilities
  • Water treatment facilities
  • Educations
  • Foundations
  • Residential
FASS will carefully assess each client's unique security requirements, ensuring that skilled professionals are matched most appropriately to specific roles and responsibilities.

Investigations & Screening

The division offers investigative services and undercover agents specialized in corporate and industrial investigative activities. The division work both undercover and overtly to solve such business crimes as theft, robbery, embezzlement, sabotage and substance abuse.

Undercover Agents

We provides agent to work as employees of the client company. Once "hired" and establised as company personnel, our agents can develop inside information about such internal problems as theft, drug trafficking, and lack of productivity, individuals are brought in from a city other than the client location to increase the success of the cover. At the client's option, an interrogation specialist can question any suspect in an attempt to gain written admissions, establishing claims and/or prosecution.

External Surveillance

The Division can provide evidence of a given individual's activity for purpose of challenging questionable claims. Extenal surveillance investigations can identify fraudulent claims for workers compensation or disability, among others.

Personnel Screening

This division also provides you with thorough and intensive background screening of prospective employees. Through interviews with former employers and review of records, we evaluate aspects of your prospective employee's ability, character, credit, education, employment history, criminal records where available. FASS investigators can also perform in-depth background investigations.


The security professionals in FASS's Risk Assessment Division can conduct a comprehensive review of any facility's physical characteristics and security requirements.

This experienced team offers services including:
  • A detailed facility survey document
  • Evaluation of existing security arrangements
  • Identifying unrecognized security hazards and weaknesses
  • Specific recommendations for practical, cost-efficient changes

FASS provides an unbiased assessment of available security hardware and software system as we can advise on every type of system but do not sell any of the products or benefit from our recommendations in any way.

Comprehensive Corporate Security Manual

Following a survey , FASS's specialists can prepare a detailed, customized manual for a company's security organization, complete with methods, standards and procedures. This security manual addresses existing security problems, offering suggestions for workable and cost-effectives procedures. It also serves as a plannning guide for future enhancement in the security program, ensuring effective processes that are consistent with a given Company's unique needs.

Executive Protection Programme

A sound executive protection programme is critical within today's business and economic environment. Targeted violence by disgruntled employees or others and random criminal acts are more commonplace than ever. Security directors must have effective systems to counter these risks.

FASS offer protective services to executives and their homes and families. We design and coordinate security programs for executives in the workplace, while in transit, when traveling, and their residences.

We can also deploy teams to cover daily routines or to threatening situations and special events; anywhere in Malaysia.

White Collar Crime

To supplement company expertise, this division provides specialized consultants who can conduct an in-depth analysis of white-collar criminal activity. With many years of special investigative experience, these consultants can detect possible vulnerabilities and recommend corrective measures. They can also uncover ongoing white-collar crime and its resulting losses.
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